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Signature Energy Healing.

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Receive a channelled Energy Healing that has been designed to clear the energy, mental and emotional bodies, cords, attachments and blockages, balance the Chakra's, re-energise the corresponding organs and assist with Soul fragment integration. If you feel like there is an associated limiting core-belief that needs clearing, please choose our Mind-Body-Soul Work service option.

Includes Reiki, Ancestral (light-language) and Sound Healing (will involve clearing sounds like yawning, burping, coughing and sighing etc), gentle Acupressure and a 15ml Just For You Vibrational Medicine. 75-90 min session.

Distance sessions are also available and just as effective. Delivered by phone with guided self-applied Acupressure. Postage of Vibrational Medicine included in price. Please leave a note requesting this option when purchasing.

To book please return to the sessions tab.

Available every 2nd Sunday and Monday at Sundance Studio, Mission Beach starting from the 12th May.

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