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Health Consultation

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Designed to address specific health issues from the 5 pillars of health perspective - Liver, Gut, Adrenal Glands, Nervous System & Emotional Healing. 90 min session.

We begin by clearing the belief that you have the condition, addressing the traumatic event that triggered it and the emotion that got trapped in your body at the time. Herbs are prescribed to support the physical vessel (which can take a little while to catch up) and to anchor the energetics.
Includes Access Bars and Body Process, Energy Healing, 12 week supply of Herbal Medicine* and 6 week supply of Cellular Repair*.

*Muscle testing is implemented to ascertain which cellular support option, Herbs and plant based nutrients will best support your physical vessel as you traverse your healing journey.

Detoxing is an integral part of healing - Cellular Repair has been designed to support the bodies natural detox pathways and gently cleanse heavy metals, pathogens, mycotoxins (moulds) and some environmental toxins that impact mitochondrial health, function and healing. For maximum results a low inflammation diet is recommended for the initial 6 weeks: Gluten, Dairy, processed Sugar (including artificial), Alcohol, Beef, trans fat, fried foods, processed foods, grain fed meats and more then 1 coffee a day. If leaky gut is present, abstaining from vegetable oil (Olive and Coconut is fine).
If 6 weeks without these foods is not possible an alternative herbal formula will be prescribed (additional purchase via subscription). NRF2 is very potent and has been scientifically and synergistically designed to have a direct antioxidant action, that optimises detox pathways (including detoxing mercury), mediates appropriate cell death, boost cellular energy, supports our bodies own glutathione production and addresses the root cause of dis-ease (on a physical level) - inflammation.

Please note: there are some medical conditions requiring medications that do not mix well the Herbs prescribed in this service. Please call 0449254926 if you are on medication to discuss prior to booking.

Health Questionnaire and subconscious prep work to be completed before your session.

To book please return to the sessions tab.

Available every 2nd Sunday and Monday at Sundance Studio, Mission Beach starting from the 12th May.

Also available via distance/phone. Postage of Herbs included in price.

Choose our Thrive Package and also receive Body Work, Intuitive Flow Massage, Vibrational Medicine and eligibility for our Top Up Special for only an additional $150.

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