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For a deeply relaxing, effective cleansing of the mental/emotional bodies, 32 points that act as portals are held on the head to channel out past experiences, blockages and trauma, creating space for what you truly desire. Complete with targeted Body Process for those aches and pains. May involve clearing sounds like yawning, coughing and light-language.

Option to add a full Body Process that boosts all of the bodies major systems (skeletal, immune, respiratory, nervous, digestive, lymphatic, metabolic, reproductive), available when booking. Please allow 75 - 90 minutes for this option.

To book please return to the sessions tab.

Included in Mind-Body-Soul Work, Nourish, Flourish and Thrive Package deals.

Available every 2nd Sunday and Monday at Sundance Studio, Mission Beach starting from the 12th May.
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