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Welcome to a healing journey that is as unique as you!


And an invitation to come home to your Body, your cells, the pain that's stored in them. 


Your safe space within, true feelings embraced, emotions released, nervous system sighing. 


Relief for the Mind that is effective, empowering and non re-traumatising.


A customised path to Well Being, a root cause approach - trauma unwinding.


A way out of the dark, Soul  essence cleansed, inner light shining.


Because no two Beings are the same.


You've come to the right place if you are looking for a natural, holistic approach to wellness that treats the whole person and not just the symptoms.

Our package deals have not only been consciously created to offer the greatest potential for shifts - for less. They also give you access to our Top Up Special - providing continued support to nurture complete transformation.


Nourish soothes the nervous system, calms the mind, boosts the bodies major systems, cleanses the energy fields and wraps you in a warm blanket of love - the greatest healer!

Flourish is perfect for clearing the emotional, mental and energetic blockages, limiting growth and dulling your inner shine.

Thrive has been designed to address health concerns from a holistic perspective, that is all inclusive, plus receive a 3 month supply of Herbal Medicine and 6 week supply of Cellular Repair.

To experience the energies of the Ancient Ancestors and Earth frequencies that Anaya weaves into all of her hands-on healing services, please click on the YouTube icon.

Been hearing a lot about the trauma dis-ease link and would like to see how the past could be affecting your present or future health? Ask for an Emotional Wellbeing Barometer Questionnaire and take the ACE's test.

Having experienced a high degree of adverse childhood experiences (ACE), Anaya has a personal understanding of the far-reaching impact, unhealed, childhood trauma has on our lives - on all levels and a genuine calling to help people. What she offers here is a culmination of what she found most effective for her own healing journey.

Anaya's qualifications include: Dip Herbology, Psychosomatic Therapy (Acupressure, Meridian Massage, Mind-Body Mapping), Metameric Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Kinesiology 101, Crystal & Sound Healing, Pranagym (advanced Energy Healing), Flower Essence Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, AromaTouch, Access Bars, Access Consciousness Body Processes and Reiki Master.


Her gift from source is being a clear channel for Creator Consciousness, Ancient Ancestors (light-language) and spirit animals.


A gift passed down from her grandmother, renowned Naturopath and author Ruth Sharkey, following her initiation into the wonderful world of plant medicines and her first role within the families healing centre - harvesting the herbs, lovingly grown and manufactured in Tallebudgera at age 6.

For traditional Psychosomatic Therapy services, to learn more about the mind (psycho) body (somatic) connection and how trauma gets stored in the cells, please visit






"I have had several sessions with Anaya during which she used several different modalities. Subconscious belief clearing, intuitive massage, acupressure for emotional clearing and energy healing with light-language. Each session I have been blown away by this woman's gifts. I'm not going to lie, I did find light-language healing a bit weird at first lol! And I was sceptical. But during the session I had so much visceral sensation of energy moving through me I could no longer doubt Anaya was the real deal. Also writing this review several months after my first session I can honestly say there was a lasting healing and clearing of beliefs that occurred as a result of this work. My most recent session with Anaya combined body work, light-language and energy healing consecutively and it was epic! The energy moving through my body during and after was intense and the lasting results surprised me! I strongly recommend Anaya and her remarkable offerings. She is a truly gifted energetic healer who is also grounded, warm and safe" Kellie


“I approached my first session with Anaya as a sceptic, unsure how I felt about holistic medicine. But having spent many ineffective years (and thousands of dollars) working with traditional doctors, I was willing to give anything a try. Anaya's gifts are truly unique and effective, and her approach is to empower her clients to take charge of their own health, which is exactly what she did for me. Using a combination of energy and body work, kinesiology muscle testing, guided meditation and herbal remedies, among other things, she took me on an almost year long journey out of my illnesses and into health again, both physical and emotional. She led me to an understanding of how trauma affects the body and helped release me of things I hadn't even realised were a problem until they were gone. For example, she taught me that painful periods didn't have to be a way of life, after I previously survived on painkillers during that time, and now it's been over 8 months since I have needed any. The chronic cough I had endured for years, even having painful surgery in an attempt to cure, gradually disappeared. The corticosteroid for asthma that I had taken daily for over 25 years and had wrecked havoc on my immune system is now unnecessary. I am now confident in my body's ability to combat illness rather than dreading even the common cold, knowing that it would lay me low for a month every time. Anaya is also a caring, gentle practitioner, never forcing anything, but allowing me to open up when the time was right. She has changed my entire approach to health and I can't recommend her highly enough” Anne


"I have had many healings and tried various techniques but none were able to help me like Anaya's techniques. Being supported by Anaya to uncover old beliefs allowed me to see what was still hiding and keeping my trauma alive. There were so many layers and Anaya's tools created shifts and changes that I could actually feel taking place within me. Thank you for helping me to not only reach the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel but also for your guidance that enabled me to reclaim my power" Octavia

"Sessions with Anaya are always so beneficial. My favourite is the emotional release bodywork with belief clearing to go that bit deeper and create lasting change. It is such a powerful treatment. I love the wisdom shared in Anaya's treatments, always expansive and encouraging. Thank you for sharing your passion and gifts with us" Kathryn Wellby

"So much gratitude after my healing with Anaya. She is a beautiful being who knows how to hold space with so much love but also with a strong warrior energy. I felt so held and relaxed while receiving the magic that comes from within her. So much heat and warmth was coming from her hands and definitely a big release every time she was touching different points of my body. Listening to the light-language brought me home, and I just felt like I was travelling through space. When she applied pressure in different parts of the body, I could feel my body fully letting go, and allowing the healing to take place. I left the session feeling very energised and with a sense of lightness, love, happiness and trust. I fully recommend her and wish for you to have the opportunity to receive her beautiful, channelled energy. Lots of Love" Sofia


"Anaya is a truly beautiful, genuine soul. I have now experienced two, different,  transformational healings with Anaya and each time I have been left feeling a lightness in mind, body and spirit - able to focus on my intentions with clarity and enthusiasm. Anaya's unique healing technique is powerful and unlike any healing I have experienced before. Her guidance following your healing allows you to play a role in and take ownership of your destiny which offers a great sense of empowerment. Her accompanying essences allow for continued shifts after the healing. Thank you Anaya for sharing your splendid gift with me" Hannah Stacey

"I underwent amazing healing work with Anaya, having the Belief and Emotional Healing treatment done, and coupled with the hormone health blend, my dream came true and I am now pregnant with my first child. Anaya was kind and professional throughout and I couldn't recommend her treatment enough, thank you Anaya!" Nina

"I recently had a treatment with Anaya. First we started with a belief clearing session then an intuitive massage. The clearing session was amazing and since clearing the belief with her, I've had a significant breakthrough in my subconscious. I particularly loved the bodywork with her though. The energetics that were present during the massage were next level and I can't wait to be back on the table with her again soon. Truly a gifted healer. Highly transformational and intuitive" Louise


"Thank you Anaya, I received a bodywork session yesterday with Anaya - Wow, your connection with spirit, energy & myself were so profoundly felt, with subtle energy flowing through me, it took me to places that enabled me to surrender, relax with a sense of being in a safe space that you created with & for me. Today I feel really grounded, calm & expanded. I am grateful to you Anaya for your gifts & intentions to serve with love, Mahalo" Sepp

"Anaya is a gifted intuitive healer. I was super happy to have her scan through me body and find every issue going on. Anaya's beautiful nature, divine intuition and healing abilities are an amazing gift, she located health issues that other therapists have difficulty picking up, with ease. She is super thorough and graceful in every way. I felt at peace in the process and love the flower essences that Anaya crafts so well. Thank you! I am feeling shifts, release and so much gratitude" Gem


"Anaya is highly intuitive and sensitive. During my healing I found her willingness and ability to stay with me, in my space, with the energy, until each shift was properly complete. Anaya’s technique is like no other. It is uniquely hers and it comes directly from her innate soul and wisdom. I highly recommend working with Anaya to remove blocks of trapped energy, gain wisdom for your own soul journey and to heal unmet wounds. I love and adore Anaya’s spirit, integrity and determination to work on the highest level for all of her clients"
Carmen Greentree 

"Anaya's healing was absolutely incredible, she allowed me to truly see some things of my past that had lingered and held affect over me without true conscious acknowledgement. She created a pure and safe space to let go of what no longer served me and the ripple effect of that session has only been positive. I highly recommend seeing her to move forward and make changes to reclaim your energy" Tiahla Love


"Anaya is a shine beam of the light in the sometimes darkness of life. She has helped both my husband Todd and I navigate through some emotional tidal waves and we have both come out the other side, smiling.
Before my session yesterday, I was broken, confused and helpless, this morning I woke feeling calm, happy, energetic and ready to take the reins of my life again... I can't wait for our next session, thank you for being you x"
Nikita Coppins

"Anaya has such an awesome way of healing and attuning and assisting the transformation of the soul and spirit from within. On so many levels and layers with the most beautiful flower essence's and sounds, these combined rituals allows clarity and bliss to shine from within our being. It actually takes time to process these amazing benefits and enlightening energies for the greater wellness of living and walking the path. I highly recommend this life changing experience, my life has so much more clarity, simple words cannot express my gratitude for Anaya" Shayne H

"Anaya is a gifted healer in our community. She supports energetic shifts in a safe and nurturing way. My experience felt like a shedding of the old and rebirthing of the new. The personalised vibrational essence further enhances the raising of vibration and clarity that follows. I encourage opening your body/mind/soul to the healing that's possible in the energetic realm"

Hollie M

"Anaya is such a beautiful, kind soul. She was very prompt to reply and send off a beautiful flower essence for my daughters night terrors. Since giving them to her they have stopped completely. I'm so happy and extremely grateful for Anaya's immediate help. She is a gem." Nina G

"Love the essence I received from Anaya, it certainly did what it was meant too. Anaya is so thoughtful and followed up with me to see how I was doing on the essence. Her advice and guidance are greatly appreciated. Highly recommend giving these products a try" Laura S

"Thank you so much Anaya! Your distance Healing has been real blessing. I’d tried a lot of different methods to address this issue but mostly they were only effective in the short turn. I was sceptical about this process but my neck was just killing me and nothing else had worked and now I'm so glad I took the chance as my neck has actually stopped hurting!!! Finely a process I can work with to heal old negative patterns and be inline with who I really am. What you offer is unlike anything else I've experienced and I just love it! The accompanying essences add more divine into the mix! Thank you Anaya for honouring your true purpose and for being a powerful, loving, gentle, channel that has helped me so much on my journey" Maria S

"There are times in our life that we need that extra guidance... and for me personally that meant getting a healing done by Anaya. Anaya didn't only unblock inside blockages, she also helped me with some new exercises to work on. I am currently putting these into practice now and can honestly say my connection to my higher-self is becoming more clear and free flowing. I am very grateful to have received such an amazing healing and I highly recommend Anaya to anyone. Such a beautiful experience with a beautiful soul. Thank you for your healing hands. Nameste" Craig J

"I had a beautiful healing with Anaya when I was going through a period of depression and anxiety. I certainly felt relief of the heaviness I was carrying as we cleared away energy parasites that were draining me. I highly recommend this talented women as she holds a beautiful safe space to work through whatever is needed" Crystal M

"Anaya is so welcoming into her space, I felt so drawn to be at ease, I knew I was in trusted hands. My session was amazing and I feel so much lighter and whole. Thank you so much" Juniper T


"I have seen Anaya at Body, Mind, Soul on a number of occasions. She helped me work through some stuff. I would highly recommend seeing her if you are looking for any kind of spiritual or emotional healing" Todd C






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